Thursday, February 11, 2010

FREE Restaurant Smallwares Inventory Spreadsheet An Easy Way To Keep Track Of Necessary Smallwares

Making sure you have all the proper amount of smallwares in your inventory is important to keep things running smooth. Running out of plates or silverware during the mad rush is never a good thing. There are times when plates get broken, silverware gets mangled by the garbage disposal, and shot glasses just seem to end up missing. Having a spreadsheet to keep a running count of what is in service will make ordering easier, when the time comes. A free restaurant smallwares inventory spreadsheet is one way to keep track of all smallware items and how much it will cost to order new ones.

There is a great spreadsheet, such as this, available on A column on the left side of the spreadsheet is filled with many common items found within a restaurant.

This is able to be added to or subtracted from, in order to make it match with your own existing inventory.

Three columns to the right of this list of items include; inventory, cost, and total. When the inventory and cost sections are filled out with the proper number of items needed, as well as the cost of each item, the total a the far right of the sheet fills itself in.

Plenty of blank spaces are available on this free restaurant smallwares inventory spreadsheet. There's no limit to the amount of inventory that can be listed on this sheet. In order to keep totals completely accurate, the totals listed down the right side of the inventory spreadsheet are added up at the bottom of the page. This provides a complete total that will change with each addition or subtraction made to the inventory sheet. Being able to see how much money will be needed when placing an order for new products will enable you to plan a budget around this amount. Ordering new smallwares for your restaurant couldn't be easier.

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